When is the right time to secure in-homecare? You may start to notice some mild forgetfulness or an unsteady gait. You don’t want to overreact, but you are concerned for their safety and well being.

The concept of in-homecare can be challenging and overwhelming for the loved one as well as for family and friends. The loved one may view in home care as robbing them of their independence.

At Precious Hands Home Care, we realize that this may be a difficult transition. We offer plans that start with as few as three hours a day. For example, a caregiver can start out as a companion during meal or bedtime. Companions also accompany clients to doctor appointments, grocery shopping and hair appointments as well as overseeing bathing. They keep their client active, mentally and physically.

Reality About Home Care

More than 80% of older people say they want to remain in their own homes as long as possible. However as life draws near to a close, many older adults need help to be able to safely remain at home. Even healthy older people need a little help, an older person living in the suburbs who can no longer drive may become isolated, lonely and at risk of malnutrition if there is no person or community service to shop for her and take her places. And because finding reputable home health aides can be a nightmare, family members often are forced to fill gaps in even the best caregiving plans.

If this is your reality and you decide you need a caregiver, call Grace at 973-243-1900

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