Keeping Warm During Winter

Dress Warm

Dress in layers. Bundle up by wearing long underwear, sweaters and hats. Make sure you change your sock because the longer you wear it the wetter it becomes. Wear water resistant shoe and woolen socks

Snow in Winter SeasonCuddle Up Under Blankets

When you are indoor, you can cuddle up under your blankets, fill your bottle with hot water and slip it into the foot of the bed between the sheets

Consume Warm Foods and Beverages

Consume warm foods and beverages at this time of the season, not too hot or too cold.

Take Hot Baths

When bathing, turn on the cold and hot faucet to get a good and warm water for bath. Do not make the water too hot to burn the skin.

Utilize your Body Heat

You can keep your hand under your neck or armpit to have a feel of your body heat.

Weather-proof your House

Warm up your room by shutting windows, doors and curtains.  Close blinds and get appropriate and heavy material for curtains.

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