Spring is coming, but so are Allergie’s

Spring Season and Allergies

I think we are all happy to see the end of this long cold Winter but many amongst us who suffer from Pollen Allergies, sometimes known as Hay Fever, have a new daily routine. checking the daily Pollen Count Forecast. Here are a couple of useful links to sites which provide you with the current daily pollen count and a forecast for the same: Weather.com  and Pollen.com.

To help you understand Pollen Allergies and get useful information on treatments and symptoms, try looking at the website Best Health This site explains what causes Spring Allergies and provides information on allergy triggers.

If you or a family member suffers from Allergies, you can help by making the home allergy proof. Make sure that your house is well ventilated, including the under-floor area, shut the windows during high pollen times and turn on the air conditioning to clean, cool and dry the air. We recommend using a good quality air filter which is specified for removing pollen from the air. Take a look at Mayo Clinic Article which contains many useful tips on how to avoid the worst of Allergy Season.

You are now ready to go out and enjoy the Spring!  Check out “What to do in NJ” official website, for tips on the many things to do in New Jersey.


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