Spring Time in NJ

It is that time of year again! The weather is getting warmer and beautiful colors are starting to emerge. This is when we get tempted to plant our own garden and whether you are thinking of a flower bed or a vegetable garden, this site contains excellent tips on gardening in NJ.

If you are however looking for more enjoyable summer activities like volunteering, volunteer site provides information on volunteer activities centers near you. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to share your life experience, read books to children, lend a hand in soup kitchens, schools, hospital, animal shelters and many others. Aging has not taken away your compassion and passion, rather, it has just made it more seasoned. Share your wealth of skills and knowledge with others in your community. So where do you start? Register, then your passion and skills will be matched with the right activities.

For other summer activities, visit the senior center in your area. There are numerous free recreational activities in city parks. You can also watch out for soft ball tournaments near you at nj.com.  Check out Vetfriends website for information on Memorial Day parades and events near you.

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