Summer Tips

With several weeks still remaining before the end of summer, we hope you are having a great time. We would like to share with you a few tips to increase your summer enjoyment.

On top of our list are the following nine excellent suggestions that will hopefully increase your comfort and protect you from any heat related health risks.

  1. Use air conditioning in your home.
  2. Drink plenty of liquids.
  3. Wear light colored and loose clothing to allow the body to sweat.
  4. Wear a hat if spending time outside.
  5. Use sunblock for all exposed body parts when going outdoor.
  6. Wear sun glasses when going outdoor.
  7. Avoid extreme outdoor heat.
  8. Reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake because they can cause dehydration.
  9. Always carry water bottles if spending time outside.

Keep in mind that some medication can make some people, especially seniors more susceptible to rays of the sun. Furthermore, seniors tend to be more susceptible to heat related conditions such as exhaustion, sunburn, and dehydration. Some of these conditions can quickly become life-threatening requiring hospitalization. Seniors also tend to have a lower sense of thirst. So, it is important for a relative, a friend or a caregiver to frequently remind them to drink fluids.

So, what does the garden state has to offer in terms of outdoor activities? The list for outdoor fun packed activities in NJ is long. Here are a few examples: several towns host outdoor free movies, concerts in local parks, festivals and farmers markets, boardwalks on NJ shores, parks, zoos, and museums.


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